Snowy walks!

Now I’m back at home in Andorra, we can get out and about in the snow. There was some very heavy snowfall while I was in the UK, but since I’ve been back it’s been wall-to-wall sun. The temperatures have meant that the snow has been in a freeze-thaw cycle, especially where I tend to … More Snowy walks!

Puppy tummies!

Puppy tummies are just gorgeous when they’re working properly. Naked, warm, round and just asking for raspberries to be blown on them. I mean, look at this, who can resist?! However, sometimes they’re not quite so pleasant. This Little Doggy has an upset tummy. This isn’t unusual with brand new pups; they’ve had a big … More Puppy tummies!

Retrieving games

This Little Doggy is a born retriever. I mean, the clue’s in the name. No, not “Luna”… “Labrador Retriever“. It doesn’t necessarily guarantee a strong retrieval instinct, because the Two Bigger Doggies had to be taught every step of a retrieve chain, but the Squidge seems to have come with it pre-programmed. For the past few … More Retrieving games