Retrieving for Dummies

Over the summer, we’ve had to put a lot of our retrieving training on hold because it’s just too hot here in Spain, but now it’s cooled down again, This Little Doggy is back in action with a vengeance. I’ve got some more training focus, and so have plenty of things to work on over the coming months.

On a recent trip to the UK, we had the privilege of visiting friends and their three Labradors, who Luna absolutely adores.

Left to right: Benson, Casper, Bramble and Squidge

We went for a morning stroll at a local common and, as soon as we entered the field for our walk, I was thinking, this place would be amazing for training! It’s long, wide, flat, with sections of longer grass in places. Nothing like anything I get to train on.

A beautiful field on a beautifully frosty morning. My recall apparently still works in England!

There was sadly no time for training, however, as my hosts had to get to work, so we let the dogs stretch their legs in the early sunshine before heading back to the house for breakfast.

Not content with the small taste I had had, though, I returned to the field before making my way back east, to practice a few memory retrieves over distances we just don’t get to play with. My girl did so well, I was very proud of her. She showed lovely straight lines and didn’t play around with the dummies, which were exciting for her, as I’d only just started to introduce the feather and fur, hence why they are wrapped in old stockings!

Now we’re back home in Spain and back to working with much shorter distances, but lots of more complicated scenarios. It was such fun to play on the flat, though, even for a short time. I have a feeling we’ll be visiting again sometime, if only so that This Little Doggy can catch up with her best boy again.

Luna (right) and her amore, Benson

One thought on “Retrieving for Dummies

  1. Such lovely dogs. I have a retriever myself and reading your blog makes me miss my kiki (thats what we call her). She is very obedient and I cant wait to see her again next week when I visit my parents house from work. She stays with them whilst am away to make a living.


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