Water retrieves

I know I’ve not been posting much recently. Life is so incredibly busy and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to both live it and write about it!

This Little Doggy is now ten months old, nicely into adolescence, with a baby brain in an adult body. I swear she thinks she’s a pug-in-a-jumper most days, as she likes to jump into my lap for a cuddle; which would be all very well if she wasn’t now the heaviest dog in the family. She’s still completely obsessed with footwear and underwear; one of my new bras eventually succumbed to the monster within when I left it drying within reach yesterday. But, still, she is utterly loveable and a little ray of sunshine.

Since the weather has been cooling, we’ve had a bit more opportunity to do some training, and this evening went to the river to do a couple of retrieves from the water. It’s a beautiful spot we go to, albeit a bit of a drive to get to a place where the water is safe to enter.


I wanted to touch on retrieving from water; we’ve only done this once before with dummies, so it’s all very exciting and new for her. I have struggled with the older two to get a delivery to hand from the water, so I knew I wanted to get this right straight away with Squidge. The steadiness will come, as it has on land-based retrieves, but for today, I hooked her collar.

I absolutely love working with this little lady. She is so vivacious, full of fun and energy and just loves being told how clever she is when she does something well.


I’m really looking forward to progressing this to longer distances with her, once I find a slightly less terrifying river than the Ebro to work with!

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