Shadow speaks “whale”

I realise I’ve not posted any updates in a long time. Life happens sometimes. This Little Doggy is doing really well; she’s fitted wonderfully into our little family and, after our initial problems integrating her with the Two Bigger Doggies, they are now firm friends. Willow will play bitey-face with her a few times a week, but Shadow is her true love, and he adores her in return.

They sometimes look quite ferocious when they’re playing, but it’s all in good fun. They’re getting far more evenly matched for size, so it’s less concerning now when he sits on her head. It won’t be long before I start worrying about her sitting on his head! Of course, the best place to play the game is right on top of me. It’s nice to be included.

Shadow has obviously been to the Dory school of whale-speak* and his vocabulary is coming along really well, as this little video clip demonstrates:



*If you don’t understand this reference, you should be ashamed and must be educated:

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