Snowy walks!

Now I’m back at home in Andorra, we can get out and about in the snow. There was some very heavy snowfall while I was in the UK, but since I’ve been back it’s been wall-to-wall sun. The temperatures have meant that the snow has been in a freeze-thaw cycle, especially where I tend to walk on the south-facing slopes, so it’s not ideal for This Little Doggy’s growing joints. It’s slippery in the mornings and soft in the evenings, so just asking for injuries. I avoided it for the most part last week, concentrating on socialisation and training walks around the village instead, but as the days went on, enough of the snow melted that we could walk on the southern slopes in the evenings.

DSC_9835 (1).jpg

Still, that’s not much use to all the people baying for pictures of a Squidge in the snow, so at the weekend, we took the opportunity of extra time and went on a couple of walks on the north-facing slopes.

She’s not old enough to walk anything like the distance the older doggies do, but John brought her in the car to meet up with us to do a shorter section. Needless to say, she loved it!



Fingers crossed we get some more snow before the end of the season, so she can get to play in some proper powder!


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