Raindrops keep falling on my head

It’s absolutely puking with snow back home in Andorra. Sadly, here in Cornwall, the precipitation is a little more damp. Rain doesn’t really bother me, to be honest; as long as you dress for it, you stay dry. This is where I’m rethinking the wisdom of, “I’ve not needed my waterproof trousers yet, I’ll leave them in Surrey.”. Hmm. My skinny dog-walking jeans, stretched over my pin calves, leave just the right amount of space for the rain to be efficiently funnelled in through the top of my wellies, to puddle around my feet. Squelchy.

Rain in England comes with a added bonus: mud. Oh my days, how much mud?! Every trip to the garden for This Little Doggy’s toilet breaks is like a day at Tough Mudder. Bring back the cold, I want hard, frosty ground! Hey, let it snow here – I have my winter tyres on!

Still, to make my life that little bit easier, I went shopping and bought robes for each of the pooches. Figuring it would make drying them quicker and easier, and, after a trip to the beach, prevent them from entirely covering the inside of the car in sand. More to the point, they’re really cute.

They had their first real use this morning, and are absolutely brilliant! I popped them on before getting back in the car, and then gave them a good rub before taking them off when we got home. All three of the dogs absolutely adored being dried in them. Willow did a bum-tuck around the hallway when I had finished. Luna cuddled in to me as close as she could. Shadow did his normal trick of a forward roll to end on his back for tummy rubs.

Don’t they look adorable?

Handsome boy
Not miserable … focussing on cheese!
Regal in purple

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