Dry eyes and itchy ears

This Little Doggy has had a couple of unscheduled trips to see the vet recently. She has rather dry eyes, which cause her to scratch at them, rubbing the hair away. She was also awake for much of the night at the end of last week, scratching at one of her ears. Eye and ear problems aren’t something to take lightly with pups, so she was whisked off to the local surgery for both.

The vet gave me some drops to put in her eyes every eight hours. Hmmm, right. Drops. In her eyes. Me. On my own.

No problem, I thought. I’m pretty used to desensitisation and counter-conditioning from two years with the Two Bigger Doggies, and it shouldn’t take anywhere near as much effort with a new puppy. So, I set to work, with a pile of roast chicken, working on her accepting the process.

Fat chance.

She was obviously in some discomfort and just wouldn’t accept any type of movement towards her eyes. At this stage, a bit of a lost cause.

Back at the vet for the ear issue, which turned out to be nothing, but better safe than sorry, I asked her to help getting the drops in. She did, but poor Luna was very scared, wouldn’t take any food and was crying. Heartbreaking, but the drops have to go in, so there’s not much that can be done for now. Once they’re fixed and so more comfortable again I’ll go back to my plan of DS and CC, so it’s trained for any future problems.

IMG_1575 copy.jpg
Sore, gummy, hairless eyes 😦

The vet did make me cross, though. She said, “You have to be careful with these chocolate Labradors. They can be very stubborn – you can see already how naughty she’s being with the drops.”.

No. No, no, no. She was not being naughty. She was scared!

I know I’m going to have a lifetime of hearing sweeping generalisations about how stupid/bonkers/stubborn/fat/whatever chocolate Labs are, but to hear this sort of nonsense spouted by a vet is unforgivable. I will do my bit to dispel the ridiculous myths, by showing off how smart, fit, beautiful, and talented This Little Doggy is as she grows to adulthood. I know it won’t make a jot of difference – when she has her nutty moments (which she will, because she’s a young dog), it will be blamed on her colour. When she shows off anything noteworthy, it will be in spite of her colour. When the Two Bigger Doggies were going through adolescence and invariably went crazy just when the biggest audience had gathered, no-one nodded sagely and said, “That’s what you get with yellow and black Labradors”, yet I’ve already had enough comments to know that that’s what I’m in for with Luna. For the most part, to date, I’ve had lots of, surprised, “She’s very calm for a chocolate!” and “Oh, she’s well behaved for a chocolate!”, but once she starts feeling a bit more independent outside, I’m sure I’ll hear the flip-side, too.

Bah, we’ll show ’em!

My stubborn, naughty, bonkers, overweight, nightmare of a chocolate Labrador.

4 thoughts on “Dry eyes and itchy ears

  1. Hi Fiona,
    I’m also the proud owner of a chocolate Lab and am fed up of the generalisations I hear. Anyway, there are human eye drops that can be given by spraying on closed eyelids. I have no idea if they are available for dogs but wouldn’t that be good! No more trying to wrestle a stressed, terrified puppy.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Bev! I shall have to ask my vet about the spray. The drops Luna is on are a human medication, so it may be that there is a product that can be used that way, too. Interesting to know 🙂


  2. It seems so weird to me that the whole “chocolate Labs are bonkers” myth still exists. It was one of the first questions I asked when I started looking at adopting a Lab and was consistently answered by “No, color doesn’t make any difference in temperament.”. Oh well, Luna will just be the non-bonkers chocolate Lab ambassador!

    Poor little Squidge with her eyes, though. They do look pretty red and miserable in the first photo. Otherwise she is looking beautiful as usual and fun to see that you got her to a Cornish beach!


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