This Little Doggy’s first walkieeees!

I apologise in advance for all the catch-up posts I’m going to be making over the next few days or so; now my computer is back in the land of the living, I have a lot of videos and photos to sort through, and lots to share with everyone. You’ve missed out so far on some of This Little Doggy’s milestones, so I have to rectify that. I’ll try to date the posts in order of when they happened, to maintain a bit of sanity, so forgive me if I say “today” for something that happened two weeks ago!

So, without further ado, let me share with you… This Little Doggy’s first walk!

Once her vaccinations were complete, we were free to start going out and about. No route marches still; her little bones are developing still and too much repetitive exercise at this age can cause irreparable joint damage that will come back to haunt us in later life. Until her growth plates close, once she’s finished growing, we have to take it easy. That doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun, though, and her first outing where she was allowed on the ground was to the beach!

Not sure of that big wet thing, Mum!

She’s a brave little thing, but, like most puppies, has a built-in safety mechanism which means she wants to stay close. This is the perfect time for reinforcing that being near me is a Good Thing, so she got lots of treats while we ambled along.

It’s also the ideal time to get working on the recall, which is so important for safety. I don’t expect her to understand what the whistle means at this stage – that’s what “training” is for, after all! – so I only blow the recall signal when she’s already running towards me. I’ll write another post on her recall training some other time.

She had a lovely time, although she was a bit unsure about the sea. These early walks are just so special, and I can’t wait to start making them longer and more exciting as she grows.

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