This Little Doggy goes dark

Dark in the “out of communication” sense.

Due to some very, very strange shenanigans with my laptop, I can’t currently get any photos or videos from my devices to share with you. Hopefully I’ll get it fixed this week, and we’ll be back to full steam, but for now, I’ll just have to use my words.

So, where are we? This Little Doggy is back in my loving care after her holibobs. We’re staying in a holiday cottage near to Padstow, in Cornwall. It’s a fabulous area, and will be great for the puppy when she starts going out and about, which will be very soon now. The Two Bigger Doggies also love it, as we’re surrounded by dog-friendly beaches. They absolutely adore the sea!

She had her first night in her new “home” last night, and it was pretty successful. I kept her in her pen upstairs (the house is arranged with the kitchen and living room upstairs, bedrooms downstairs) and she only mithered for a few minutes before settling down to sleep. I have a new crate arriving today, so will be working on crate training her overnight downstairs, without having to lug the crate around all the time.

I also managed to take the Two Bigger Doggies out for a walk this morning without her being watched by anyone to keep her quiet. It’s not necessary here, as it’s a detached house, so if she shouts, she shouts. I have a camera I can watch her with from my phone, and come back if she’s distressed, but I could see she just settled down for a snooze – perfect!

Toilet training is ongoing. She’s not an easy one! But, for outside, I’m using a little pen that really helps to focus her mind to the “jobbie” in hand! It is a little on the flimsy side, so won’t last for much longer, but I’m hoping by the time she works out how to completely destroy it by throwing her weight against it, we’ll have got the necessaries on cue!


While we’re here, the snow has arrived in Andorra. I’m sorry we’re missing out on it, as the Two Bigger Doggies would be in absolute heaven bounding around in this, and Luna would soon be able to enjoy it, too. Hopefully, there will be plenty more once we’re back home. On the other hand, it’s quite nice sitting outside without a coat on, waiting for the puppy to “perform”. It might not be quite so enjoyable in this!


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