Sleepover time

This Little Doggy is going on holiday!

I’m moving to Cornwall for the remainder of my stay here in the UK, so the dogs and I can get on with enjoying the time we have here. I’m sad to be having to go so far from my family, but looking forward to the opportunities it brings us, with walks on the beaches with the Two Bigger Doggies, and Luna when she’s old enough.

When people talk about trigger stacking in dogs, I can completely relate. I’ve had so many inconsequential things happen over the last few weeks that, independently, are barely worth raising an eyebrow to. Added together, though, I find myself in an emotional state where yet another small thing really becomes the proverbial straw. As an example, my computer mouse stopped working yesterday, I went out to buy another and that didn’t work, either. Not a big deal in itself, obviously, but it left me screaming internally – what else? What the sausage* else?!

So, to have one thing happen that restores the balance of good vs evil is a precious thing indeed. That’s what happened yesterday when a friend of mine offered to take Luna for me for a couple of nights, while I move myself and the Two Bigger Doggies to Cornwall, and get the house puppy-proofed. The thought of that task, done single-handed whilst trying to wrangle the puppy was rather daunting, so to not have to worry about her is a real weight off my mind. It’s serendipity that I already have plans to see that friend today, that she also has a house in Cornwall, and that she’s driving down there tomorrow! Not only that, her house is already completely set up for a puppy, with  pens and crates and non-slip flooring aplenty. If there’s one person on this earth that I would trust to follow the same husbandry philosophies with my puppy as I would, it’s this friend – largely because she’s the one who is teaching me most of the time.

So, Julie, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I applaud you and I wish you the best of luck with the little Squidge.

I am going to miss this little face!


* “In” joke, sorry 🙂

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