Lessons for the show ring

I never had any intentions of showing This Little Doggy, even though she comes from strong show dog lines. I was more interested in gun dog work, and having a dog that was built properly to perform those tasks.

However, when I went to visit her at four weeks, and got to meet her mum and dad, my mind was changed. Specifically by some friends who, upon seeing the sire said, “You have to show a puppy that comes from him!”. It got my mind whirring, wondering if it was a feasible prospect. I started looking into how to go about showing in Spain and, as I did, became more and more excited by the idea.

Not knowing anything about showing dogs, I started reading and watching videos. How unlike me, right?! So, the very first thing to do is teaching her to stand correctly – and still! With that in mind, out came the clicker and we had our first couple of sessions. Because she’s so young, we only do a minute or two at a time so as not to over-face her.

Very, very, very early days here, just capturing stillness, looking at my finger rather than at the food or me and with very limited duration. She’s slowly getting it. Clicker training is still in early days with her, too, as she’s such a baby, but as she gets the hang of learning how to learn, we’ll make strides, I’m sure. She loves her food, this one!



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