Toilet training

Toilet training is Dull-with-a-capital-D. Watching This Little Doggy like a hawk every second she’s awake for those tell-tale signs that she’s about to squat and “perform”. Of course, I know the danger times – after waking, after playing, after eating, after drinking… each and every time, this means popping her outside to see if she’ll empty herself. Unfortunately, she sees this not as the perfect opportunity to “go”, but rather to play.

I’m hopefully going to resolve this by setting up another pen outside, specifically to pop her in to go to the loo. Because, as it is, waiting 40 minutes in the freezing cold, only to have her wee the moment I bring her in for a second, is wearing a little thin. Popping her in her crate isn’t cutting it, because she’s more than happy to wee in there – on top of Lambie, if he happens to get in the way. This seems to have been resolved a little since Christmas, simply by having piles and piles of toys in there now, but I’m not counting on it.

This means, generally, I pop her back in her pen, but the instant the nose goes down, I scoop her back up and run for the door. Sadly, inevitably, this just leads to another protracted wander around the garden, picking up tiny twigs and chasing leaves instead of watering the grass.

No, this isn’t the end of the world. Yes, it will soon be a distant memory. Yes, I’m using Simple Solution to clear up each time. But, still, it’s boring.

Come on, little Squidge, you got this!


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