This Little Doggy’s first Christmas!!!

Well, This Little Doggy, and, indeed, the Two Bigger Doggies, would agree with the eternal words of Wizzard: “I wish it could be Christmas every day”.

They were spoilt absolutely rotten by all our friends and family. Even my sister’s neighbour, Jean, bought them gifts! Turkey was enjoyed by all, and Luna experienced lots of firsts.

Her first raw chicken.
I don’t feed a raw diet to my dogs, but I do like to give them the occasional meal of raw meat. They absolutely love crunching through the bones – only small bones, and never cooked ones. Luna’s first introduction was a very small drumstick. I wasn’t sure at first if she’d eat the bone, as she stripped the meat off first, but she then chowed down and made rather short shrift of it. It took her about twenty minutes in total. The adult dogs manage one of these in around 1.5 seconds!

Her first sea jerky wrap.
I’m not a fan of most commercially-produced treats, as they tend to be full of empty calories, but these treats from Fish4Dogs are just brilliant. Low in calories, but high in protein, and This Little Doggy went nuts for her first one!


Her first go on her new snuffle mat.
I made this snuffle mat for my dogs, but if you don’t want to do that (and, I warn you, it is rather time-consuming!), then you can order one from As this was her first time, I just scattered a little of her kibble on the top, to make it easy. As she gets more used to it, I’ll “fluff it up” a bit, to make the kibble harder to find. It’s a great way to wear out a puppy’s brain and use their mealtimes as an opportunity for enrichment, rather than just plopping the food down in a bowl. How boring!
The Two Bigger Doggies love it, too.


Her first undisturbed night of sleep! YAY!
She was obviously shattered from all the excitement of the day. I popped in to see her at 7am, but there wasn’t a movement, so I let her sleep for another half hour before I woke her up for her breakfast. A tired Labrador is a happy Labrador – and this makes a happy Labrador Mum!


Happy Christmas to everyone, from us all!


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