The countdown begins!

Yeah, right, as if I haven’t been counting down for months already!

Anyway, a week today, I’ll be in the UK and getting the house set up, ready  for the arrival of a little bundle of mischief. I’ve gone into shopping overdrive, and I dread to think what my bank manager must be thinking. Christmas plus new puppy means rather more financial movement than usual, and all in the wrong direction. I can see that I’ll be receiving letters soon…

Dear Ms Lovett,
I am writing to inform you that there has been some irregular spending activity on your account of late. I thought it prudent to check that you haven’t gone out of your bloody mind! After all, how many leads, collars, beds and toys does a single puppy really need?
Yours sincerely,
Mr B. Anker

Yes, my online shopping has gone rather bonkers, as I suddenly think of item after item that I couldn’t possibly do without.

A little bit of news that I’ve kept quiet on here is that I’ve decided to try and show This Little Doggy. She comes from such good stock that I think it would be great to see how she gets on in the show ring. It’s all a little scary as I’ve not done anything similar before, but I’ll be visiting a show with my lovely breeder to find out what it’s all about and, as all of you that know me will be positively astounded to hear (ahem), I’ve been reading everything I can find about how to train her. This means some of the training I’d normally do with a little puppy may be replaced with teaching her behaviours more appropriate for showing. It makes having a new pup even more exciting, to be able to learn something completely new together.

Exciting times indeed.

I may just burst before next Tuesday!

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