That’s a lot of stockings…

It’s December, and that means we’re allowed to use the C-word at last. No, not that C-word! The other one; the one that has you sent to coventry* if you dare to utter it in any month that doesn’t start with a D.

*I’m sure Coventry is lovely at this time of year. But that’s not what I meant, and you know it.

That’s right … CHRISTMAS!!

Now, I’m notoriously rubbish at buying gifts. So much so that J and I don’t bother for each other. The dogs, however, well, that’s another thing entirely. Of course, everyone knows that Christmas is for the kids, and just because my “kids” are covered in hair, enjoy rolling in fox poo and licking their bits, I don’t think that changes anything. At least they don’t pick their noses and wipe it on each other.

I tried to convince myself that a new puppy would be gift enough for Willow and Shadow. Then, I’d be browsing online and a toy would catch my eye. Then a box of treats. Before I knew it, my shopping basket overfloweth with doggy delights for them, their “fur cousins”, furry friends and their humans. After all, each doggy will have four Christmas stockings to fill!

So, these are my top picks for Christmas gifts for my pooches this year. Shhh, don’t ruin the surprise!

Rosewood gingerbread man soft toy
How cute is this? I can’t wait to see This Little Doggy cuddling up to it. It’s huge, too! At 36cm, or 14 inches, that’s over a foot long.
Jolly Doggy Roger Robin soft toy
Another huge toy, at 75cm long! This comes in a pack of two, so there’s one for your doggy and one for a furry friend. Who could resist Roger at Christmas?
Jolly Doggy Maxi Noodle Duck
My absolute favourite toy this winter. Again, it comes in a pack of two, meaning you get to share the noodly goodness with a doggy friend. Noodle makes me smile every time I see him.
Tupper the Lamb by Kong
Not specifically Christmassy, but there is a law written somewhere that states every Labrador must have a Lambie. There are suggestions that the Lambie Network connects them all, wherever they are across the globe, with the purpose of gaining world domination. I, for one, would welcome our Lambie overlords. They couldn’t do a worse job than the lot we currently have. So, This Little Doggy will be receiving her very own Tupper the Lamb as soon as she arrives home. Just in case.
This will be our third Tupper, and I can vouch for them standing up to some pretty serious abuse at the hands of the Two Bigger Doggies. The first one eventually met its grisly end after weeks of being used as a tug of war toy, losing its limbs one by one, but retaining its overall integrity, until finally surrendering to his inevitable fate. Where other toys lasted mere minutes, Tupper managed to hang on for weeks. The replacement is still going strong, and remarkably still has all limbs in their intended places, rather than strewn around the living room. Highly recommended.
Moppy Reindeer
What would Christmas be without a reindeer? Very sad, that’s what. Moppy seemed especially appropriate with his tartan patches, connecting This Little Doggy to her Scottish roots.
Mini Doggy Mince Pies
I’m not one for feeding commercially-produced dog treats, but it’s a special time of year when we can all indulge just a little. We all know that human mince pies are terribly dangerous to dogs, with all those raisins and sultanas packed in, but they can still join in the festive feasting with this version. You should be aware that these are made of rawhide, so your dog must be supervised whilst eating them.
Turkey and cranberry treats by Good Boy
Arguably slightly better quality are these turkey jerky strips from Good Boy. Sadly, This Little Doggy won’t be able to indulge in any of these doggy treats this year, since they’re not recommended for young puppies, but I’m sure the other furry monsters will be more than happy to take care of her share.
Pigs in blankets treats by Good Boy
Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without the always popular pigs in blankets. With a similar ingredients list to the turkey strips, a couple of these over the Christmas period isn’t going to destroy your pooch’s precious waistline. You’re probably going to be in need of walking off all that Christmas sherry you’ve consumed, anyway, so you can melt the calories away together in the New Year.

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