What’s in a name?

No, we didn’t decide to name This Little Doggy “Rose”. Nor “Juliet”, for that matter.

When we knew we had a puppy from our chosen litter, we got to the serious task of choosing a name for her. Since I was the one who had done all the research to find the litter, and was going to be leaving my husband for two months to live with her in the UK until she was old enough to travel, I thought it only fair that he be the one to choose a name.

Which, in reality, meant “choosing a name from a list I’ve pre-approved”. Yes, you may call me a control freak if you wish.

Look, if you knew my hubby, fabulous that he is, you’d know that he struggles to make a choice from a menu when there are only two things on it, one of which he doesn’t like. So I was actually doing him a favour giving him a choice from a selection, rather than all the names in the universe, real or imaginary. In a world where people name their child after a nice-sounding noise, or even ridiculous names like “Abcde” (I kid you not; it’s pronounced “absidee”, apparently!), then giving J free choice would have meant the poor pup would have remained nameless until past her tenth birthday.

One thing that I really like about Willow and Shadow is the natural aspects of their names. Willow was named after the large willow tree in the grounds of where she was born. If there was ever a single black puppy gone AWOL, it would be her, and she’d be playing under that tree.


Shadow was a bit different; J and I had both, in previous lives and many moons ago, ridden white (yes, “grey”, I know) horses named Shadow, so having a pale dog with the name didn’t seem strange to us. We just liked it. As it turned out, it was very fitting, and our little Shadow was always underfoot as a pup. I lost count of the number of times I accidentally kicked him on walks as I lifted my foot, because he stuck so close behind me on the narrow paths.


So, two nature-based names already, it seemed fitting to go along the same route. Moreover, having recently purchased our finca in Spain, we wanted to bring a bit of that to the party. One of the striking features of the area is the incredible night skies we get; with barely any light pollution, the stars are crystal clear and the moon shines like a beacon. And so, “Luna” was conceived.

It’s a complete coincidence that it’s also the name of the bonkers one in the Harry Potter franchise.

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